Dryer Parts and Resources

Dryer Parts and Resources

Dryer Model Number Finder

The best way to locate the correct part for the type and brand of your dryer, is to find the correct model number on your appliance.

If you are unsure how to find the model number on your dryer, here is a suggestion on where to look.

Where is My Dryer Model Number? New Style Dryer Where is My Dryer Model Number? New Style Dryer

New Style Dryer

  • On the Inside of your Dryer Door
  • On the Side of your Dryer
  • On your Dryer Door Jamb


Where is My Dryer Model Number? Old Style Dryer Where is My Dryer Model Number? Old Style Dryer


Old Style Dryer

  • On the Back of your Dryer
  • On the Side of your Dryer
  • On your Dryer Door Jamb



Dryer Parts & Information Video Resource

Drive Belt Video Drive Belt Video

Visit for a large selection of helpful and instructive dryer part replacement, maintenance and other videos.

Most Commonly Replaced Dryer Parts

Dryer Belt – Drive Belt, flat, 92-1/4 inches long, 1/4 inch wide and has 4 ribs and 3 grooves. It replaces many other belts, including some with 5 ribs and 4 grooves

Dryer Belt Dryer Belt

Thermal Fuse – If dryer overheats, the thermal fuse stops the flow of electricity; located on the blower housing; cannot be reset; a vent tube clogged with lint, or other debris most common cause for overheating

Thermal fuse Thermal fuse

Gas Valve Solenoid Set – Kit contains both the two wire and three wire solenoids

Gas burner valve solenoids Gas burner valve solenoids

Heating Element Assembly – 220 volts; when element burns out it must be replaced, it cannot be repaired

Dryer heating element assembly Dryer heating element assembly

Drum Roller – Drum support roller with bearing

Drum Roller Drum Roller

More Dryer Parts

Dryer Maintenance

  • Keep the exhaust vent clean so it can vent the air and prevent a fire hazard.
  • Clean the lint filter before drying the next load.

Dryer Parts, Repair Help, Videos & Maintenance Advice

  • Improperly maintained vent systems can cause all kinds of dryer problems, from premature failure of bearings, to faulty elements, ignitors and other critical parts.
  • Experts recommend NOT using white plastic exhaust duct on any dryer. White plastic is not only flammable, but greatly increases your drying time.
  • When your dryer vent is dirty or clogged, your clothes take much longer to dry. Clothes that are overheated at the end of cycle get wrinkled, which is bad for Perma-Press items. Your dryer unit will also run much noisier than usual while operating because it has to work harder but clothes might be damp even after the cycle ends. Automatic sensors might fail to shut off causing premature failure of heating element and motor or bearings.
  • To ensure best results every time you use your dryer unit, maintain your appliance, clean the dryer lint before every cycle and keep your vent clean.
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